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Tele rehabilitation

Online Telerehab Physiotherapy in Brookswood Langley BC

Belmont physiotherapy and Health clinic is now offering telehealth services from the comfort of your home in Langley BC. During these unprecedented times, if you are hesitant to go outside or do not have time due to a busy schedule then telerehabilitation could be the right option for you. Our physiotherapists have extensive training to provide this mode of treatment services. In telerehab treatment, you can receive treatment from our expert physiotherapist in the comfort of your home. So if you are looking for telerehabilitation services in Langley BC, then give us a call.

We are excited to offer one on one online telerehab treatment to our existing and new patients in Langley BC.

In your first appointment, your physiotherapist will perform a detailed assessment via video channel and provide you with a diagnosis. After the first appointment, your physiotherapist would use professional judgement and inform you if Telerehabilitation is appropriate for you. Telerehabilitation would include education, pain management strategies, self -administered techniques and exercises through software.

Benefits of Online Telerehabilitation Treatment