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Belmont Physiotherapy and Health Clinic ensures Holistic Patient-Centered Care to serve the need of the clients. It caters to the belief system of resolving your whole body’s suffering and leads you to walk through the door with a ready-to-kick smile.

Our team of skilled physiotherapists are not only professionally developed but are also empathetic and compassionate to understand your injury better

Our infrastructure includes a spacious hospitable reception area and restrooms for convenience. We have six private rooms equipped with the latest modalities for treatment and a modern gym area.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing a personalized approach to clients and treating them as a whole and not just their injury with the best clinical knowledge and a caring attitude.

Our Vision

To be the best and most reliable physiotherapy clinic in Langley. We believe everyone deserves a life without constantly mouthing ‘Ahh”! in pain. Our proficient team is driven by compassion, tenderness and empathy which creates a unique and friendly relationship with our clients.

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Anjali Aggarwal

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Ankur Aggarwal

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Mansaj Brar

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Anjali has over 10+ years of experience as a Clinical Physiotherapist providing accurate assessments and evidence-informed treatment for musculoskeletal conditions with often complex clinical presentations.
Anjali graduated as Physiotherapist in 2010 from reputed Delhi University,India. She has worked in various clinical settings in India and provided client-centred intervention.Anjali has been working as Physiotherapist in British Columbia for last 5 years. She has firm belief in multifactorial pain-approach. Anjali is committed to continuous learning and professional development, with a focus on excellent clinical outcomes. She has taken various clinical courses that includes Concussion management, TMJ management and K-taping. Anjali is in process of completing Acupuncture Certification.She enjoys being outdoors and loves to spend time with family.

Ankur did Bachelor of Physical Therapy in 2010 from prestigious Delhi University, India. Before moving to Canada in 2015, Ankur worked in India in various clinical and hospital settings. He provided high standards of care to various patients with Orthopedic, Neurology, Cardiorespiratory and Multi-system injury. Ankur had worked in various clinics in Fraser Valley region and treated patients by providing evidence- based treatment with excellent outcomes. Ankur’s eagerness to learn new things has driven him to do various professional courses in Canada to upgrade his knowledge and skills. He has done Diploma in Functional Dry Needling. He is certified in Concussion Management by CCMI, Manual therapy Level 1, Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation and Temporomandibular joint disorder management.
Ankur is very cheerful and empathetic which helps to reduce agitation of clients. He also understands Hindi and Punjabi. In his spare time, Ankur likes to spend time with his family, watch Television and plays badminton.

Jong Hwan Kim (John) is a registered TCM practitioner and acupuncturist (TCM herbalist) and who uses Acupuncture, chinese herbs and Tui Na (Traditional Chinese Structural Alignment/Acupressure Massage ) to treat physical and emotional disorders. He has studied the Doctor of TCM program at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver, and received additional training and certifications in the Tuina and acupuncture as well. His treatment is gentle in approach but very effective. From his years of studies and experiences in Vancouver, he has treated many patients, with all different types of conditions, such as acute or chronic pain, sports injuries, fatigue or insomnia, digestive disorders, menstrual or menopausal issues, arthritis, stress and anxiety.

Mansaj Brar is a Kinesiologist registered with BCAK & CKA in Canada. She graduated from the University of Fraser Valley. She utilizes an evidence-based treatment model known as active rehabilitation, which uses progressive therapeutic exercise and a range of motion techniques to help overcome injuries.

Active rehab is most commonly used for injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents (MVAs), sports, at work, or during regular daily activities. It’s a safe, highly-effective treatment model backed by a large body of research.