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Pre/Post Surgical Orthopedics in Brookswood, Langley, BC - Belmont Physiotherapy

Surgery can have both physical and psychological effects which may influence your recovery and cause frustration and anxiety. Belmont Physiotherapy and Health Clinic offers Pre/Post Surgical Physiotherapy in Langley BC. Our physiotherapists will carry out a full assessment and work with you to create short and long-term goals to help you to maximize your recovery potential and reduce any secondary problems to surgery. We also offer one on one pre – post surgical orthopedics sessions at our clinic in Langley BC.

With no waiting list, you can get pre/post surgical physiotherapy at our clinic in Langley BC. So, call us today!

Some of the frequently asked questions after post-surgery physiotherapy are:

The amount of post-surgical physiotherapy required after your surgery can vary from person to person. Recovery is dependent on many factors (for example previous mobility, strength, pain, swelling, etc.).

Usually, no referral is needed for physiotherapy but your surgeon might provide clearance to initiate physiotherapy after surgery and also some guidelines.