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Vestibular Physiotherapist for Vertigo in Brookswood, Langley BC

Vestibular restoration treatment (VRT) is an activity-based treatment program intended to upgrade look strength and postural security. It also improves vertigo and activities of day-by-day living. Even though dizziness can be because of an assortment of causes, a huge rate starts from the vestibular framework, aside from the inward ear and the mind that assists control with adjusting and eye developments.


Vestibular recovery consolidates proof-based evaluation and treatment procedures. If you are experiencing nausea, ear ringing, dizziness then they might be a sign of disruption in your vestibular system. You need not worry as we offer Vestibular Rehabilitation at our clinic in Langley BC.


Our Vestibular Physiotherapist for Vertigo in Langley BC will lead a careful evaluation and dependent on the results will give a treatment that can incorporate eye exercises, training to minimise sensitivity, balance difficulties, and strategies for managing intellectual and psychological effects. Our vestibular rehab physiotherapy clinic in Langley BC is equipped with modern technology that helps you in overcoming vertigo or dizziness.

Benefits of Vestibular Rehab Physiotherapy

To cure illness in your ear, nose, brain, or your sensory organs, then Vestibular Rehabilitation is the solution. Visit our Vestibular Rehabilitation clinic in Langley BC. Given below are the symptoms that require VR treatment: