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Primary Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is highly beneficial both in prevention and rehabilitation of acute & chronic injuries. It can further encourage you to move — without pain holding you back — as well as help you return to your regular activities and function with well researched approached.

Reasons to go for physiotherapy

Minimizes pain:

After thorough assessment done by your physiotherapist, Physiotherapy helps you to manage your pain with use of modalities   including ultrasound therapy, IMS/dry needling, SHOCKWAVE Therapy, cold LASER etc., soft tissue release techniques, joint mobilization techniques and education about pain management strategies like pacing, micro breaks, rest and stretching exercises. Physiotherapy provides a non-invasive, drug-free and non-surgical option to manage and eliminate your pain. Even though surgery cannot be avoided, in some cases, physiotherapy can help to prevent the same by managing pain and by promoting healing in early stages.

Physiotherapy can be helpful & highly advisable after surgeries like knee & hip replacements etc. to manage pain and early recovery.

Enhances the overall strength and coordination:

Physical therapy not only manage your pain but helps to improve strength, joint stability, flexibility and positional tolerance. Physiotherapy can be useful in vertigo/ dizziness & post-concussion management by various techniques to reduce your symptoms, balance training, hands-on treatments and at- home exercises.

Enhances lung capacity and cardiovascular functioning:

By the help of breathing exercises & personalised exercise program which slowly enhance overall lung capacity & heart conditioning. At Belmont Physio, our Kinesiologist & Physiotherapist provide individualized plan which tailor made as per client physical condition & goals to amplify recovery.

Manage sports-related injury:

The physical therapists understand how different sports can enhance the risk of certain conditions, including ACL tear or hamstring strain. They accordingly draft a good recovery exercise program to ensure a safe return to your sport. So you can enjoy playing Hockey, Golf or racket sports again.

Manage age-related ailments:

Physiotherapy treatment techniques are well suited for older population and age-related problems like Degenerative Arthritis, Spondylosis and other joint problems. Physiotherapists will provide you techniques to reduce your pain, improve quality of life with compassionate and gentle approach.

Re stores in everyday movement and enhances mobility:

Physical therapy improves your mobility by increasing your range of motion and strengthening your muscles, including your core muscle. During your session, one of our skilled physical therapists encourages you to perform exercises to strengthen your muscles & improve mobility.

You can trust our experienced team of Physiotherapist at Belmont who would treat you in the best possible way. In addition, our experts use the latest techniques & modalities so you can be stress-free.